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About this website

About this website


Chinese Exclusion Centenary

2023 marks the centennial anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act, better known as the Chinese Exclusion Act. This was discriminatory policy that had a profound impact on the Chinese Canadian community. It separated families for decades and created a sense of exclusion and discrimination that persisted long after the act was repealed in 1947. The policy also contributed to the stigmatization of Chinese Canadians and continued reinforcement of stereotypes about Chinese people.

This website serves as a hub for individuals and organizations interested in commemorating the Exclusion Act. It features a range of events and activities happening across Canada that provide opportunities for learning, reflection, and dialogue. By bringing together resources and opportunities from across the country, we aim to promote a greater understanding of the historical context and ongoing legacy of the Act. Through this, we hope to foster a sense of solidarity among those working to create a more inclusive society.