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Beyond Gold Mountain: Canadians of Chinese Ancestry

Beyond Gold Mountain: Canadians of Chinese Ancestry

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Beyond Gold Mountain: Canadians of Chinese Ancestry

Sign up to receive your FREE class sets of our children’s magazine Kayak: Canada’s History for Kids. Our September 2023 issue is devoted to Canadians of Chinese ancestry.

Oppressed, poor and starving, thousands of gold rush-bound Chinese left home in the mid-1800s. Many came to Canada hoping to solve their misfortunes. Few did. Instead, Chinese immigrants faced hardship and racism. The reward they got for helping build Canada’s transcontinental railway was a series of discriminatory laws and head taxes, and eventually the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1923.

One hundred years later, you can read in the September Kayak about how these unwanted non-citizens struggled to survive and eventually thrive. “Beyond Gold Mountain: Canadians of Chinese Ancestry” is a rare nugget of a magazine, showcasing little-known truths about our nation’s story. Readers learn through factual features, fun snippets, games and an original fiction story and comic. The co-editor of this issue is Debbie Jiang, part-teacher, part-sleuth. All artwork is by illustrators of Chinese heritage.

Reserve your copies today—quantities are limited! PLUS you’ll have access to free lesson plans and resources. Kayak is aimed at grades 2–7.

Please note: The digital and print copies will be delivered in late August. Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual print copies of the magazine, however, you are welcome to request the digital version through the same link.

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